How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism

By Metabolismer

how tospeed up metabolism? It’s the number one key to success in maintaining your weight for life.

My name is Aaron and I am a clinical weight loss practitioner, advanced Dietary supplements advisor, and also nutritional therapist.

I want to talk a little bit about your metabolism today because I think it’s something that’s really important. I see a lot of people coming to me and maybe they’re looking to lose weight.

In the past, they’ve been dieting. They’ve done all sorts of different types of diets. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers often fast, a whole bunch of other stuff.

Herbalife room, there are lots and lots of diets out there which are sort of these like all or nothing type diets. And they come to me saying, look, I really want to lose weight because I’ve lost weight in the past, but I’ve gained it all back.

The problem with that is that they have been following a ketogenic diet for a couple of months before they see me and they get to me and say, Look, I’ve hit this plateau.

I can’t seem to lose any more weight. What should I be doing? Maybe I’m not eating enough fat.

Maybe I’m eating too much fat, or maybe I’m not eating enough protein. What are the what is the one thing that you can help me put into place so that I can continue losing weight history and doing more dieting on top of that isn’t going to be the solution.

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speed up metabolism


Where is the problem?

You have to understand that if you’ve been through periods of time where you’ve reduced the amount of food that you’re eating and you haven’t spent any time on the other end trying to increase your metabolism, then you’re going to be in this really tricky position where you can’t continue losing weight because your metabolism is down, regulated a lot and you need to go to an unsustainable level of food to stimulate weight loss.

And it’s not fun to be in that position. It’s not somewhere that I really love being. It’s not somewhere where I put my clients into.

It’s just not a great place to be a full-stop. So what you want to be doing instead is maximizing the amount of food that you can eat at any one particular time whilst maintaining your weight.

So the best way to do that is to build muscle. So if you’re at the point where you’re really happy with your weight or maybe you’ve gotten down to your goal weight at that point, that’s a really great time to be able to maintain your weight, but also build muscle at the same time.

What happens when you’ve reduced a lot of your stored adipose tissue is that your leptin and ghrelin levels tend to come back into play.

You’re much more insulin sensitive. And so when you do eat more food, your body’s able to put it into or shuttle it into muscles a little bit better, especially if your weight training with rebuilding your metabolism. It’s really important to be active.

It’s really important to be able to do some strength training because that will help you build muscle and muscle.
Is that part of your body that helps you burn a lot more food at rest? It doesn’t matter how much cardio you’re doing.


speed up metabolism


Which internal organ in the body is responsible for controlling metabolism?

Strength or endurance training? Which is better?

I used to do a lot of endurance training and I was probably the fattest I’d ever been whilst I was doing that because you end up just burning and gaining and burning and gaining the same 500 calories over and over every single day that you’re always hungry.

And it just doesn’t help you be in a caloric deficit long enough for you to be able to really get to your goals.

And so I switched to weight training and just walking. And then that is where it all changed for me. So rebuilding your metabolism requires that you are actually at your goal weight to be able to do that.

However, you can also do this if you’re not quite at your goal weight as well, because you’ve gotten to the point where you just can’t lose any more weight anymore or it’s just unsustainable for you to be able to push into that realm to stimulate weight loss.

So what I suggest we do is that we can work together to put in a steady amount of maintenance for you now, maintenance or reverse dieting or being able to increase the amount of food that you’re eating is something that is really, really important whilst maintaining weight within a certain percentage.

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How to speed up metabolism?

Now I’ve had clients who have come to me who were eating a very, very little amount of food and still not seeing any weight loss. They weren’t at their goal weight.

And so I suggested to them to say, Look, maybe it’s time we actually go into maintenance, maybe we actually rebuild your metabolism so that when we diet in the future when we try and get to your goal in the future, that you’re eating much more food than you ever used to and you’ve got a lot more muscle, you’ve got at least you’ve built up your metabolism or your engine to be able to utilize the amount of food on the other end to get towards your goal much quicker.

There’s this notion that maintenance is something scary because you’re not losing weight, but you’re also eating more food and you’re very scared that you’re going to put on weight.

But working with a specialist is really important when you do that because there are lots of things that you need a little bit of a push on that you might not be currently doing.

That is much easier when someone else is just telling you what to do, that you can actually implement it. And so if you’re someone like that who just needs a little bit of a push or needs some help with being able to rebuild their metabolism, then.

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