Does Metabolism Slow Down With Age?

By Metabolismer

today we’re going to talk about why we believe or feel that our metabolism is slowing down with age.
I think a lot of us believe that or we’ve been told that or it just seems to make sense because like what’s going on, when you were younger, when you were in your teens or early twenties, you were like, didn’t matter what you ate and you could get away with just about anything.

You could have a ton of food and you just didn’t seem to gain a pound. You were just like nice and lean all the time. Felt great. And then now as you get older, it’s been you’ve been putting on weight every year.

It’s like five or 10 pounds you put on and over time you’ve been gaining 20, 30, 40, maybe 50 pounds.

And you’re like, What is going on here? I think my metabolism must be slowing down with age.

It’s the only answer, right? It’s got to be that, Well, I’m going to probably upset a few people here because I’m not going to give you a magic solution. Snap my fingers and solve all your problems, your metabolism problems.

But then again, maybe this might help and get you on the right track. It’s not your metabolism. I’m going to say for 99% of the people out there, or maybe a little bit less, there’s nothing wrong with your metabolism. Your metabolism is fine.

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Does your metabolism really slow down with age?

It will slow down a tiny bit depending on your age. Some hormone changes are going to affect it a little bit, how much muscle you’re holding, things like that.

That’s going to affect your base metabolic rate a little bit, but it’s a very small amount. What’s really affecting your metabolism is how active you are now. If you don’t believe me, let’s take a look at what you were probably doing in your late teens or your younger years, early twenties.

You’re probably, you know, doing being really active. You’re probably out enjoying life, hanging out with friends, being really busy.

And whether it was actual exercise like sports or something, or swimming or weight training, it may not have been that, but you were always busy doing stuff running around.

Maybe you were like going to the park, whatever. Going for a hike.

Maybe you were going rollerblading or something like that. You were busy doing stuff. You’re just always on the move. You weren’t thinking about food 24 seven. You were thinking about getting together with friends and doing stuff.

Not when am I going to get my next snack? When is my next coffee? I know. You know, younger generations are more into hanging out at coffee shops than before, but that’s what most people were like myself.

I didn’t hang out in a coffee shop. I didn’t hang out at restaurants. I was out doing stuff, being active, going for bike rides, playing tennis, doing stuff.

I wasn’t thinking about food. I grabbed a quick bite on the way out the door, usually a small breakfast, something quick, because I was in a hurry to get doing something.

And then oftentimes I barely even ate all day because I was so busy doing stuff, just grabbing a few quick bites.
And then I came home and guess what? I would have a massive meal. So that’s that huge meal that you thought you could get away with when you were younger.

You weren’t getting away with anything.

You were just eating all your calories in one meal instead of throughout the day.

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What has really changed now?

Now it’s different. You know, you get up, you’re supposed to have the big breakfast everybody talks about before you go and get your day started, you go to work, right? Work. The first thing you’re thinking about is when is when is coffee break, you know, and just all you’re thinking about.

I get off this work desk, , whatever you’re doing, when’s the next coffee break? So you get the coffee break.
You have a nice mocha chino with probably that cookie or a blow for a muffin. Or maybe if you’re eating healthy, you have an egg bite, but you’re still packing in some calories there, Right? And then you get back to work. You’re thinking, when’s lunch?
Can hardly wait for lunch, right? You go for lunch, you have a sandwich or something.

Again, probably weigh more calories than you really need because you seriously haven’t burned any calories at all.

That today during that part of the day, nothing. Nothing’s happened.

You’ve barely burned anything because you’re sitting at your desk.

And then, of course, you get back to work.

You’re thinking, when is when am I going to get to the next coffee break? Because you get two coffee breaks in one lunch, right? There’s lots of time to get those snacks in.

Same thing happens in the next coffee break. Then you look forward to getting off of work. Maybe you come home, have a little snack, or maybe you wait till dinner.

You have dinner, big dinner. Usually, you know, everyone has that big healthy dinner. And then, of course, you’re thinking, I’m going to have some wine or something like that. Maybe a drink. And after dinner drink, some of you might have snacks before bed, but it really adds up.

Does dieting increase metabolism or decrease it?
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What are the reasons why you think your metabolism has slowed down with age?

It’s so easy to overeat when that’s really all you’re thinking about most of the day is food.

It’s it’s kind of like your little sort of the thing that you do that’s a comfort food thing.

It’s it’s what we do when we don’t have other things to do, right.

When there’s nothing else going on, much going on. You own a lot of activities plan. You’re probably thinking more about food. Now, to give you an idea of how this affects your metabolism or your perceived idea of what’s going on with your metabolism.

If you gain 5 pounds a year, that’s pretty normal.

But some people are gaining, say, 10 pounds a year, right?

Over the course of a few years, they might gain 30 pounds and they’re wondering, wow, my metabolism is really slowed down.

And look at me like three years ago I was 30 pounds lighter.

That just means Over three years you Gain 10 pounds a year.

What does that Mean in terms of eating versus exercise or Just activity Versus Eating? That literally means you Overeat every day 100 calories. That’s all it is.

And what is 100 calories? 100 calories means instead of having Or instead of having a single single At Tim Hortons, you had a double double There’s 100 extra calories right there.

Right Instead of having one glass of wine, you had two glasses of wine.

That’s easily an extra 100 calories. Just one of thoseThings is 100 Calories.

Let’s say you decided not to Take the stairs every time you Went up and down, whatever Or parked farther away in the parking lot So you decided to take The shortcuts In terms of activity, that’s easily 100 calories.

Does Metabolism Slow Down With Age?

What about exercise? If you just went for a one mile walk, you probably Would burn 100 to 150 calories just going for one mile.

That’s 15, 20 minutes of walking. That’s it, right? If you just do that, you’re going to be right back to neutral. And you wouldn’t have gained that 5 pounds or that 10 pounds in a year.

So 10 pounds if it was if it was 10 pounds per year, that’d be 100 calories per day.

So if you’re gaining 5 pounds a year, which a lot of people are, you know Over the course of Ten years, again, that’s 50 pounds , right?

So a lot of people And they’re in their twenties and now they’re in their Thirties and they’re like, I’m 50 pounds heavier.

What happened? Well, you gain 5 pounds a year. That’s 50 Calories per Day of overeating 50 calories.

That’s like literally a couple of bites out of a muffin. So it’s super easy to fix this. It really is.

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What’s the solution?

It’s not rocket science by any means. All you’ve got to do is make little changes, right? Don’t eat the whole muffin. Have a half a muffin, maybe have a half a cookie, maybe Don’t have as much wine in the evening. Just take off one glass. Right?

Maybe cut your drinks down if you’re having, say, juices, cut them half with water or if you’re having pops have diet pops.

I’m not saying drink a lot of pop, but instead of having two regular pops have two diet pops, you just Scrubbed off like 300 calories right There.

It’s not hard to do these things. You just change a few things, get in a couple walks per day, even if They’re short: 15, 20 minute walks on your lunch break, you can have a snack, maybe bring a snack from home, a healthy snack, and go for a walk. And then now you’re pretty much eating your calories back that you’re having for your snack, right?

So you’re you’re working them off and your walk.

So these are just little tiny changes.

You don’t need to become a gym member or, you know, be in a Profession or some sort of crazy sport Activity or be on a crazy diet to make little changes that can really affect your overall health and make you actually lose weight.

Stop gaining weight for sure, but lose a couple of pounds easily.

Lose a couple of pounds per month. And in the course of of a year you can lose 25 pounds super easily, barely even notice it in your diet.

You probably won’t even notice it. And you’ll get used to these little changes and probably enjoy them and feel better and not be starving yourself and Just start to look better and Better.

And can you imagine where you’d be if you just did those little changes in two years? You could lose 50 pounds just by making small little changes and sticking to them.

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