How To Resetting Metabolism in 10 Steps

How To Resetting Metabolism in 10 Steps

By Metabolismer

So you’ve done some damage to your metabolism, and you’ve slowed it down.

You may have been dieting a little too hard over the years. Maybe age is catching up with you; Maybe stress is catching up with you.

Well, I will give you some ways to repair or fix your metabolism—ten ways, to be exact.
Now, these aren’t ways to spike or boost your metabolism.

I’m not all about that kind of generic stuff.
I’m talking about repairing a damaged metabolism because most of the reasons that our metabolism slows down are simply because we’ve done some damage to it. We can fix it if we apply a lot of these or even all of these principles or just one of them occasionally.

So I will break them all down and give you ten of them.

All right. Jumping right into it, the number one thing that I would like you to do to reset your metabolism is to start paying more attention to your thyroid by getting more in the way of iodine and chromium in the mix.


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What is the cause of metabolic damage?

Much of the metabolic damage occurs within our body because of the thyroid. When our metabolism slows down, our thyroid is generally slowing down.

This happens with age; it occurs with stress; it happens with bad foods, autoimmune conditions, whatever. To simplify matters, your thyroid gland needs iodine to convert PT four into a usable form of RT three.

If you have RT four, the precursor to the thyroid, that’s great, but you can only use it once it’s converted into RT three.

Your body combines iodine with tyrosine; when it does that, it creates RT one, RT two, and RT three RT, but it also helps the conversion process of HT for two at three.

Now, this is very important to boost your metabolism. Still, there’s a secondary thing I want to talk about: chromium, a mineral that you can get honestly very inexpensively on Amazon.

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How chromium restores metabolism

And what chromium is going to do is it’s going to help glute four receptors come to the surface. What does that mean?

It means that blood sugar floating through your body sometimes doesn’t have a place to go.

But if you take a little bit of chromium, it makes it so that the receptors inside our cells come to the cell’s surface to collect the extra glucose.

Now, this can help you in many ways, but it helps your thyroid because there are many links between high blood sugar and insulin levels slowing down our thyroid.

So let’s control that and solve the issue, not just treat the symptom. So iodine will help you create more thyroid, But let’s solve the problem, too, with the chromium.

How to consume iodine

Now you’ll get your iodine through kelp or seaweed or something like that. Could you not get it through iodized salt? That stuff is bleached and completely stripped of the minerals.

There are better ways to get your iodine. Oc’s next one is going to be consuming my ACV drink. Now, my ACV drink isn’t a product but a collection of different ingredients. So it’s usually 10 to 12 ounces of water combined with a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, about half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and a little lemon. Pretty straightforward.

Now, the reason that I compiled this is that it does have some metabolic repair effects. Number one, the cayenne, is going to have a thermic effect. It boosts your core body temperature a little, so your metabolism can improve.
But it has some other effects too. It also improves dopamine levels. So when your dopamine levels are up a little bit, and your dopamine hits are being satisfied, you have fewer cravings, which means you’re eating fewer bad things that negatively affect your metabolism.

Does dieting increase metabolism or decrease it?
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The role of apple cider vinegar in resetting metabolism

Next up apple cider vinegar, The acetic acid within the apple cider vinegar upregulates fatty acid oxidation.
So it helps improve the body’s utilization of fats. This is a phenomenal thing for fat loss.

But then, from a metabolism standpoint, it helps with uncoupling proteins one and two. So that means that it allows the fat to be utilized to create body heat better, which means your metabolism will enhance because you have more body heat, especially alongside the cayenne.

And then the lemon comes in from a fiber standpoint; you get a little bit of pectin. It’s going to help you out with satiety. Now optional, you can add some salt to the mix.

I usually just put a pinch of salt. Okay. The salt is going to help you out with cravings.

Sometimes we have nest receptors. All that means is sometimes our body craves sweets when it’s craving salt.

So I find that nipping this in the bud in the morning, can make a big difference.


How To Resetting Metabolism


How does protein resetting metabolism?

The number three way to go ahead and fix your metabolism up a little bit is don’t be afraid to overeat but overeat with protein.

Protein already has a powerful thermic effect. 20 to 25% of the protein we consume will end up being utilized to metabolize that protein.

So 25% of the energy we eat in protein goes into digesting that specific amount of protein anyway.

So it takes a lot of energy, which is a great thing. But when we look at overall metabolism, there’s an. An interesting study that was published in the journal JAMA. This study looked at individuals put into a hypercaloric state, meaning they had them eat 140% of their daily caloric needs.

So they ate a lot more to the point where they would gain weight, right? Well, they divided them into three hypercaloric groups.

One group consumed low protein, one consumed moderate protein, and one consumed high protein. Still, all drank the same amount of calories, which was about 1000 extra calories.

So, needless to say, they all gained weight. But what’s wild is they all gained about the same amount of fat. The protein group gained a little bit less, but ultimately about the same amount of fat.

The protein group, however, gained muscle, too. They gained a lot of power, so they technically gained more weight than the other groups, but the extra weight was muscle.

So the point in saying this is extra protein doesn’t convert to excess fat, extra protein converts to spare muscle.
So if you’re going to overeat, you should cram with protein because at least it will build more muscle, which is the biggest driver of your metabolism.

More muscle builds your metabolism faster. So this is a great way to have your steak and eat it, too.

Which internal organ in the body is responsible for controlling metabolism?

Leptin and cheat meal:

All right. Now, let’s go ahead and move into number four, which is to get the proper leptin spike with the appropriate kind of cheat meal. So leptin is a simple thing.

Leptin communicates from the fat cell to the brain and says, hey, brain, we have enough fat on hand. Go ahead and ramp up the metabolism. Pretty simple. If leptin levels are low, we don’t have a lot of left in. So the brain doesn’t get the signal to turn up the metabolism. So the metabolism slows down.

A lot of times it is a leptin issue. More often than not, it’s a thyroid issue, but sometimes it’s a leptin issue because we’ve been dieting for an extended period. If you’ve been dieting for a long period, you need a leptin spike, but you have to spike your leptin with carbohydrates.

To get a powerful leptin spike, you can spike it with fat, but honestly, it just works better with carbs. The American Journal of Physiology published a study that found this.

They took two groups; One had a cheap meal with carbohydrates and a cheat meal with fat. The carb group had significantly higher spikes in leptin.

One essential thing to note, though, is if you have a cheat meal with carbs, keep the fats out of the equation.
Do not mix fats and carbs because that cheat meal will go to storage a lot more. It simply involves spiking the insulin and allowing fat to come in.

We want to have a high carbohydrate meal, try to keep it with no sugar, just keep it reasonable, healthy, sound, clean starches, like maybe lentil pasta or chickpea pasta.

And that will spike your leptin levels. So do that a couple of times over two weeks. Try to spike your leptin a bit and then incorporate all these other things.


high-intensity workouts

Number five will be slowed down on the high-intensity workouts for a bit. I’m all for high-intensity interval training.
Trust me; I talk about it all the time and the benefits of it. But how often have you seen someone overweight and their body hasn’t changed?

Or maybe it’s you; your body hasn’t changed in a long time, and they’re still just grinding away at your CrossFit workouts, but their body never adjusts. It’s a perfect example of adrenal overload. You’re pushing your body so hard that your adrenals are getting burned out and your cortisol levels are staying so high that you’re ultimately ending up with a body fat accumulation issue.

So you need to back off the high-intensity work for a little bit. Trust me, it has its place, and it’ll come back.

But it would help if you let your system come back down and chill out. So take a break, switch to strength training for a little bit, and limit the cardio. And if you do cardio, tone it down to easy cardio for a little bit.

Don’t worry. It’s not long-term strength training is going to build the muscle that’s going to boost the metabolism.
If you want to increase your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning furnace, the metabolism miracle program is the best way. Google it

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