Very Strong Metabolism Booster Drink Recipe

Very Strong Metabolism Booster Drink Recipe

By Metabolismer

Today I want to talk about a simple, inexpensive drink. Or you can call it an infusion or a beverage that you can make at home using seeds or spices from your kitchen cabinet, which are robust, very powerful, and can give you relief from some of the most commonly faced problems today, like acidity, bloating, flatulence, indigestion.

I want to discuss two or three seeds and how you can make that simple drink.

I think a month and a half ago, I had the opportunity to spend time in three of the coastal villages on a shoot.

It was a cooking program. So I got a lot of time to spend with villagers, and I spoke about their health.

And I’m always trying to find out how they heal diseases, recover themselves, and handle simple problems like acidity, bloating, and number one.

Most of them didn’t even know what it was. They need to learn what it is to be bloated. They don’t know what it is to be acidic.

And when you talk about flatulence, they blush, and they laugh about it, you know, which explains that they don’t experience it that much because they don’t usually overeat or have access to junk food.

They don’t have destructive lifestyles as we do. But the few people I spoke to and again, in traditional Indian wisdom, our parents use that, our grandparents use it, and many of us use these seeds.

And right today, when we have these conditions, I’m talking about cumin seeds, also known as Jeera.

I’m also going to be talking about Ajwain, also known as Bishop’s Weed, and I’m going to talk about coriander seeds and fennel seeds, also known as soft.

Now, when you mix these into a special drink or boil it into tea or an infusion, let me tell you how it works.
Many of you already know that it’s one of the best kills to acidity.

Not all, not all kinds of acidity. Some very severe causes of acidity may require you to take that.

And antacids, especially the acidity caused by the side effects of medication.

So anyone on more than 3 to 4 medications at any given point, look at your doctor’s prescription, and you’ll find a panda over there or some antacid.

Now, why is he giving that to you? Because the side effects of many of the drugs he puts you on cause acidity.
Now, that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. But every one of us should know by now the dangers of antacids, which people pop like candy, which are handed out by doctors like candy today, and which people self-medicate and take whenever they feel heartburn, have acid reflux, bloating, or indigestion.

Those antacids we’ve done an article on those before. I cannot tell you how bad it is for your gut, the way it eats into your gut lining.

And then when you have poor gut health, indigestion, acidity, and a bigger problem.

You have an autoimmune disease, anything from arthritis to Hashimoto’s to the thyroid to lupus to skin issues, right from psoriasis to X-mas, you name it, all caused by the excessive use of antacids.

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So how do you make this simple metabolism booster drink?

Let’s talk about Jeera first, also known as cumin.

Now, these little seeds are powerful. They are rich in magnesium.

For most of us, it’s rich in calcium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, phosphorus, and everything good that your body needs in the right quantities.

Now, Jeera seeds or cumin seeds are very, very powerful antioxidants. They have a highly detoxifying effect when consumed in the human body. It stimulates bile.

And what’s the function of bile to help break down fat from your food? When we don’t have sufficient bitterness, we blow it up immediately or get gassy.

We have those burps coming, and we also have fat storage because fats need to be broken down correctly. We also know that detoxification is the number one thing regarding weight loss.

People who are struggling to lose weight because they have they are accumulated toxins. And when you’ve got toxins, your liver doesn’t work well; your kidney doesn’t work well.

Your blood is MPO; your colon is unclean. And that’s why we struggle to lose weight. And no matter how good your diet is and how much you exercise, you still need to lose weight.

So cumin or Jeera is highly detoxifying. It is excellent for your digestive system because it helps the body, it helps the stomach secrete more digestive enzymes.

Now digestive enzymes are the most important and least looked upon the aspect of the human body.

It is digestive enzymes that help you break down your carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from your food, no matter how healthy you’re eating.

If you don’t have the right amount of digestive enzymes in your system, you cannot break down nutrition and absorb it, and your metabolic rate tends to stay low.

Now, curcumin has the ability to secrete digestive enzymes that will help you break down your food the right way.
It increases your metabolic rate; it helps to purify your blood. And yes, it can keep you feeling full for a more extended period of time.

So, you know, when we mindlessly eat because we’re bored or emotional, you have to feel full for a more extended period.

And Jeera can help you do that.

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Number two: Bishop (Ajwain):

Now, I’m going to talk about bishops. We’d also known as Ajwain because we will make a mixed drink out of all these seeds.

Bishop’s wheat was again used in villages used by our ancestors and our parents. Whenever you have gas, or a baby has colic, a little bit of ajwain water, or bishop’s sweet water with a little Jeera in a minimal quantity can take care of the worst colic.

But here we are today, resorting to gripe water and all these unique concoctions sold in pharmacies to get gas out of a baby’s body.

Even the habit of rubbing hing or castor oil on the belly or the navel area of the kid is sufficient to reduce colic.

And we don’t have to put our children in all these conventional ways unless required.

Coriander seeds:

Now, I will add something else to this drink coriander seeds, because coriander seeds are a natural diuretic. And today, most people retain water because of the excessive salt in our diet.

The junk food process, food, sugar. We retain water, blow it up, and think we’re fat.

Where all that’s happening is we’re retaining water. Some people with hormonal imbalances also tend to retain moisture, and then we resort to diuretics like Lasix.

We spoke about this that flushes out water but also causes immense harm to your kidneys and your body because it forces out your water and a whole load of other electrolytes and fluid balances required in the human body.

So we will add coriander seeds as well because it’s also a natural detoxifier.

If you’ve heard of chelation, it can bind to heavy metals and clean them out of your system.


Very Strong Metabolism Booster Drink Recipe



Fennel seeds:

And then we’re talking about fennel seeds, the Indian habit of chewing on soft seeds, also known as variola or fennel seeds.

In English, it’s a mouth freshener. It helps you to stimulate digestive enzymes.

It helps you to keep full. And there’s something that I’ve learned in the villages. If you eat fennel seeds immediately after a meal, it can take care of a sweet craving.

And I’ve tried this myself. It would help if you tried to. The moment you finish a meal, chew half a teaspoon of fennel seeds soft, and you find that you don’t have that usual sweet craving that most of us tend to get after a meal.

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How do we mix all these seeds to make the metabolism booster drink?

There are two ways of doing it. You take a leader of water; you take two tablespoons.

You take like a tape. You take a leader of water, preferably, of course, in a glass jar or bottle because we want to stay away from plastic as much as possible.

Two tablespoons of Jeera, one tablespoon of coriander seeds, one tablespoon of fennel seeds, and a teaspoon of Ajwain.

Now you can keep it in a bottle of water soaked all night, and it will tend to look like this.

You know, much of it will sink, the powder will fall, and the seeds will rise to the top. You can choose to strain that and drink that water in the morning. But I find it more effective in the morning; you boil that water and reduce it to half.

You make an infusion, strain it then, and add it to another bottle. And you can go on sipping on this throughout the day or have a cup 30 minutes after your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


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It tastes like regular tea. Now you can get creative and add a little bit of lemon to it, a little bit of mashed ginger.
I even tried it with a little bit of fresh mashed turmeric. Now you can get creative. This is the base.

The next time you feel acidic or bloated or have flatulence, you’re not digesting your food correctly before you resort to any of the conventional stuff.

But you may need that conventional stuff. Try this concoction. It’s simple. It’s in all of our kitchens. All you need to do is like 5 minutes to prepare this.

Fill up a bottle, carry it wherever you go, and you can infuse good health, which is inexpensive and has all of these health benefits in one shot.

It’s all about making lifestyle changes simple and inexpensive. It’s all about living simply. It’s all about doing simple things that do not need research and science, which is, in most cases, overrated.

It’s existed in Indian wisdom and cultures for years and years and years, and it’s worked. And there’s no reason that we shouldn’t be getting back to it.

Have a good day, everyone. Until next time, eat smart, move more, sleep right, and breathe deep. Try this metabolism booster drink, and let me know how it works for you.

Before you take that antacid, try sipping on this slowly. Remember, it may not work the first time. It may not work the second, but it will eventually work. Nature takes time to work.

Conventional medicines and quick fixes will give you immediate relief. That’s why it’s addictive. That’s why we want it, and that’s why it suits us. Sometimes Healing takes a little bit of time, but it’s better when it’s done naturally.

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