Increasing body metabolism with these foods

Increasing body metabolism with these foods

By Metabolismer

Metabolism is a type of chemical reaction in the body to maintain the living conditions of cells and organs. Metabolism prompts the body to perform activities. Upon increasing metabolism, weight loss will have a better speed. Your body may have a low metabolism for any reason. But there is always a solution to increase the body’s metabolism.

We will introduce you the foods that increase metabolism


Influential factors in metabolism

Increasing the body’s metabolism is very important for those who desire to lose weight and diet. But how fast the body burns calories depends on various factors. Some people have a high metabolic rate. Men burn more calories than women even while resting. Many people’s metabolism slows down after the age of forty. Age and genetics are two very important and influential factors on body metabolism.

Ways to increase metabolism

Do you feel that your metabolism has stopped? Although exercising and building muscle helps boost metabolism, there are other ways to enhance the speed of burning calories, such as adding extra ingredients to fruit juice or watching a funny clip. The things I want to say will help you keep your metabolism engine running forever.

Foods and ingredients to increase body metabolism

Experts generally believe that the best way to keep metabolism high is to eat.
With this method, you keep the blood sugar level stable and balanced, and at the same time, your weight remains stable.
Try to have six meals containing three hundred calories during the day.
Eating a nutritious meal in the morning containing oatmeal, almonds and berries, a spinach omelet with a piece of whole grain toast after waking up will improve metabolism.
Seventy-eight percent of those who do not eat breakfast use cakes and cookies during the day due to hunger and weakness, which causes their blood sugar to rise.
But after a few hours, their blood sugar will drop. To keep blood sugar stable and prevent weight gain, it is better to eat a complete and good breakfast.

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Increasing body metabolism with these foods




List of foods that increase metabolism

There are many foods that help increase body metabolism. Here we examine some of the most important ones together.

 Increasing metabolism with Omega 3:

Omega 3 balances blood sugar and lowers inflammation as well as body fat. At the same time, it helps regulate the body’s metabolism and reduces the body’s resistance to the hormone leptin. A study on mice showed that mice that ate a high dose of fish oil lost more weight even with less activity.
It is recommended to take 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acid supplements during the day
. If the smell of fish is unpleasant for you, try to use flaxseed, walnut, or egg oil enriched with omega 3, which have a standard label and do not have the smell and taste of fish.

 Increasing body metabolism with green tea:

The active substance catechin in green tea increases the body’s metabolism.
Researchers found that people who use less green tea have a larger weight than people who do not drink green tea.
In addition, the compounds in the tea may be useful for fat oxidation and produce energy for the body as well as heart by helping digestion.
If you drink five glasses of green tea a day, you will increase your energy consumption by 90 calories per day.

 Increasing the body’s metabolism through reducing the consumption of unsaturated fats: unsaturated fats gradually reduce the body’s ability to burn fat.

 Unsaturated fats cause the accumulation of fats in the liver and reduce metabolism.
 Eating unsaturated fats leads to insulin resistance and obesity, both of which paralyze the body’s metabolism.

 The next step is to enhance the body’s metabolism by consuming protein:

Protein is digested more slowly in the body than fat as well as carbohydrates and therefore makes you feel fuller.
The body uses about ten percent of the calories consumed to digest food. Thus, it takes more time for proteins to burn.
In a high protein diet, the body uses more energy to absorb nutrients.
A study from Purdue University found that a high-protein diet may help maintain lean mass, which is the best kind of fat burner.

 Increasing body metabolism by drinking water:

The body needs water to burn calories.
If your body is even a little dehydrated, your metabolism may slow down. In a research, it was proven that adults who drink eight or more glasses of water a day have a higher metabolic rate than adults who drink four glasses of water a day.
In order to prevent body dehydration, use a glass of water or sugar-free drink before each main meal or snack.
The results of a research showed that dieters who drink two glasses of water half an hour before meals achieve better results in three months than those who do not do this.
Drink water several times during the day to increase your metabolism.
If you always supply your body with water during the day, you will have more energy.

 The next case of increasing body metabolism is by drinking coffee:

Caffeine accelerates the speed of the central nervous system and as a result increases the metabolism. Coffee beans have a high antioxidant and nutritional value.
Do not use cream or sweeteners in your coffee.
Coffee generally helps improve the energy level during exercise, increase endurance activities, and as a result burn more calories.
Drinking coffee after exercise is also useful.
Consuming caffeine after exercise causes the glycogen in the muscle to increase by 66%.
By doing this, the muscles quickly replenish their energy sources.

 Increasing body metabolism by consuming yogurt:

Probiotic is a healthy bacteria found in yogurt, pickles, and other fermented foods. Probiotic helps women lose weight a lot.
Taking probiotics daily with food has many benefits for weight loss.
As with other high-fat dairy products, yogurt contains a fatty acid called linoleic acid. Studies have shown that linoleic acid improves fat burning.

 Increasing body metabolism by consuming spicy foods:

Spicy foods have chemical compounds that increase the body’s metabolism.
Food that is cooked with the addition of a teaspoon of red or green pepper pieces can help you burn more calories.
The capsaicin present in hot pepper has a thermogenic effect and eating it causes you to burn 90 extra calories after finishing the meal.
In a study, it was found that capsaicin causes calorie burning by activating brown fat.

 Increasing body metabolism by consuming small meals:

You feel hungry at three in the afternoon. If you want to wait until dinner, you may overeat during dinner.
So, consuming a small amount in the evening prevents this from happening and increases your body’s metabolism.
The key is here.
Always use lean protein and complex carbohydrates such as fruit, peanut butter, yogurt, and berries.



how to boost metabolism



 Increasing body metabolism with foods rich in iron:

Muscle needs oxygen to burn fat.
Until menopause, women lose a large amount of iron every month through menstruation.
Lean meats, beans, enriched grains, and spinach are better sources to supply the lost iron.

 Increasing body metabolism with vitamin D :

This vitamin is necessary to prevent reduction of muscle tissue metabolism. You can obtain 90% of your vitamin intake from 100 grams of salmon. Other suitable sources of vitamin D include tuna, shrimp, fortified milk, and eggs.

 Increasing body metabolism by drinking milk:

There is some evidence that shows calcium deficiency, which is common among many women, can cause slow metabolism. Getting calcium through daily foods such as milk and yogurt can reduce fat absorption from other foods.

 Exercise and physical activity to increase body metabolism:

Small explosive movements such as climbing the stairs, walking while talking on the phone, or shifting in a chair can burn up to 350 calories per day.
So use every opportunity to increase your calorie burn.


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 Increasing body metabolism by lifting weights:

Half a kilo of muscle burns more calories than half a kilo of fat. The use of light weights prevents the reduction of the body’s metabolic rate.
Even when getting older. This method helps to slow down the metabolism. In order to do the movement with weights correctly, start these exercises under the supervision of a professional trainer.

 Increasing body metabolism by eating slowly:

This may not have much to do with metabolism, but eating fast may increase your desire to overeat.
Studies have shown that reducing stress and mental relaxation prevent obesity.
It takes about 20 minutes for the cholecystokinin hormone to send the satiety message to the brain. When you eat food in a hurry, you do not allow the cystokinin bag to send the message of satiety to the brain. That is why you overeat.

 Increasing body metabolism by resting with laughter:

Give yourself some rest. Try to watch funny clips or read humorous texts during the break.
With this, you will burn calories during rest. Research shows that you can burn 10 to 20 percent more energy by doing this.
This means that during ten to fifteen minutes of laughing, you will burn 1o to 40 extra calories.

 Increasing body metabolism by consuming natural products:

If you go to the store, visit the natural products section.
When buying natural products, try to buy the cleanest and highest quality ones.
Natural materials such as vegetables, fruits, and seeds grown without pests promote proper metabolism in the body.

 Increasing body metabolism by performing aerobic exercises:

Doing aerobic exercise three to five times a week is very effective on the resting metabolic rate and increases its speed.
Even when you do not exercise, your body burns more calories than usual.
Combine several exercises to burn more calories.
For example, run for a few minutes. Then rest for twenty seconds and do another exercise such as jumping or sitting.
There is no way to increase the metabolic rate permanently. That is why it is important to make healthy habits a daily routine so that your body’s metabolic rate always remains at a good level.
Make the most of the hours after exercise.
During these hours, eat foods that are high in calories and nutrients.
Whether your body’s metabolic rate is good or bad, you have no control over the fat burning center.
The best thing you can do is involve yourself in daily exercise and a balanced as well as healthy diet.


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 Increasing body metabolism by increasing activity time:

When you run, swim, or even walk, increase your time by thirty seconds and return to the original speed.
This method helps you consume more oxygen and make your body cells stronger.
To do this, run for 5 minutes at a speed of five kilometers per hour.
Now increase your speed for 60 seconds at a speed of 5.5 km.
Now run for 90 seconds at a speed of 5 kilometers.
Repeat this sequence twice a week and five times each time. If you want to burn more calories, increase your incline and speed.
In the end, I must emphasize that the main problem of obese people is the large amount of food and it is a misconception that these people can control their weight through consuming food that increases metabolism. Rather, having a balanced diet along with the rational consumption of metabolism-boosting foods can be beneficial according to the opinion of a nutritionist.

 Increase the body’s metabolism through the metabolism miracle program

If you plan to increase your metabolism drastically and maintain it during low time, you need a series of medical tricks.
In the Metabolism Miracle program, you will learn tricks to dramatically boost your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning furnace.


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