Boost your metabolism by metabolism miracle Program

How To Boost Metabolism By The Metabolism Miracle Program

and burn up to 1,640 more calories per day using this new method, without observing any diet and exercise.


The solution introduced here is not observing a diet or exercise program. Although, if you also think that diet and exercise can make you lose weight forever, then see story of the winners in “The Biggest Loser” show below:

For those unfamiliar with the show, it should be mentioned that “The Biggest Loser” was a television program aired annually on the NBC. Participants of this show included the people weighing at least between 200 – 526 pounds, who lost more than 100 pounds of their weight on average during an 11-week program, and whoever lost the most weight won the contest prize costing 250,000 dollars.
Accordingly, some questions may be raised here, answering to which would shed light on our understanding about weight loss.

Where are “The Biggest Loser” winners now (after 5 years)?

metabolism diet plan

Ryan Benson – winner of The Biggest Loser in 2004


Matt Hoover – winner of the second season of The Biggest Loser


Ali Vincent – first woman to ever win The Biggest Loser


Michelle Aguilar – winner of season 6 of the Biggest Loser


Danny Cahill – winner of season 6 of the Biggest Loser

I bet you will return to your initial weight after observing a weight loss diet. Even most people will gain more weight after the diet program.

What is the scientific reason for regaining weight in the case of “The Biggest Loser” winners?

Kevin Hall is the scientist who has followed the participants of “The Biggest Loser” show for 6 years.

The results of Dr. Hall’s research were interesting but unfortunate.

According to the findings, body of all the human beings has a weight set point.

This means that the body will try to return to a weight set point when it reaches a weight more or less than this set point through diets.

metabolism powder

What factor determines weight set point of the body?

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) determines how many pounds your weight set point is.

RMR determines how many calories your body burns at rest.

When “The Biggest Loser” show began, although the participants were overweight, but they had a normal metabolism considering their size, meaning that they burned normal calories relative to their weight, sex, and age.

By the end of the program, their metabolism was fundamentally slow and they were not burning enough calories to maintain their weight loss.

However, the fact that people’s metabolism is decreased after a voluntary weight loss diet has already been discovered by researchers. Therefore, the researchers were not surprised by the decrease in metabolic rate of the participants in the contest.

Indeed, the subsequent events shocked the researchers:

Over the years, the numbers displayed on the scale were increased but the participants’ metabolism did not improve. Even their metabolism slowed down and the pounds kept increasing continuously.

It seemed that their bodies were trying to get them back to their previous weight.

Mr. Cahill, who was the winner in Season 8 of “The Biggest Loser “show and had the most weight loss, gained the highest weight after 6 years.

He only weighed 191 pounds on December 8, 2009, while his initial weight was 430 pounds at the beginning. He was like a model with knee-length shorts and a T-shirt, and looked slim, athletic, and handsome.

But, now he has regained more than 100 pounds, and his metabolism has slowed down to the extent that he has to consume 800 fewer calories a day than a normal man of his size just to maintain his current 295-pound weight as any extra calorie would be converted into fat.

the biggest loser winners now

After 6 years, Mr. Cahill still has to exercise at least 9 hours a week and control his diet to maintain his 295-pound weight.

Everyone has a RMR that determines how many calories he/she burns when he/she is not active.

Not only Mr. Cahill, but also 14 participants of the 30-week competition were studied.

Average pre- and post- contest weight of the participants was equal to 328 (149 kg) and 200 pounds (91 kg), respectively.

Six years after their initial weight loss, 6 men and 8 women participated in “The Biggest Loser” show agreed with performing assessments by the national institutes of health (NIH).

Six years after their initial weight loss, 6 men and 8 women participated in “The Biggest Loser” show agreed with performing assessments by the national institutes of health (NIH).

The results were astonishing.

Average weight of the participants was equal to 290 pounds (131 kg) in the contest. There was only one participant who did not regain more weight due to being a fitness trainer.

Four of these participants reported regaining weight even more than the pre- contest period.

The most notable finding of this study was a significant reduction in RMR after weight loss program.

Before The Biggest Loser” competition, the group burned 2,607 calories a day on average, but 6 years later, average number of the burned calories slowly dropped to 1,903 calories a day.

Here, it is noteworthy that the lower and slower your metabolism, the more calories you should avoid in order not to gain weight.

Why is weight loss so difficult?

Let’s take the example of two people both weighing 200 pounds.

One person is at his/her ideal weight, while the other person has lost only 20 pounds to reach this weight.

The person who has lost weight has a slower metabolism, burns fewer calories, and experiences more hunger and thirst than the first person.

This “metabolic adaptation” is just one of biological factors acting against the will of the person who wants to lose weight and maintain this weight loss.

Maintaining weight loss is extremely difficult because your body does not want to do it, and most importantly, your desire to eat is increased.

The problem with losing weight reflects a biological issue, not the lack of willpower.

These biological challenges were also shown in the study on the participants of “The Biggest Loser” show.

For example, the researchers found that the participants have had a constant greed for hunger due to low levels of leptin, the hormone responsible for controlling hunger.

However, a decrease in metabolism and leptin level is not the whole story; as daily routine of the participants has also changed drastically.

During “The Biggest Loser” contest, Danny Cahill’s daily routine was something like this:


how to reset your metabolism








He woke up at 5 A.M. in the morning, ran for 45 minutes, and then ate a healthy breakfast consisting of eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

He cycled 9 miles to the gym and exercised for 2 hours. Then, he cycled back to the home, ate a healthy lunch – the cooked skinless chicken breast, broccoli, etc. Again, he returned to the gym for another round of exercise.

After the competition, Cahill’s environment and daily routine changed significantly.

He began his career as a land surveyor and spent most of his day sitting and working at a desk.

He could no longer continue to exercise regularly for several hours.

In an interview, he also mentioned that he must eat less than 800 calories a day compared to an average person of his size to maintain his current 295-pound weight.


metabolism too high


Considering the story of “The Biggest Loser” participants and many people, including you who may have returned to your previous weight after observing hard diets, it can be concluded that:

A combination of constant hunger, slower metabolism, and changes in the environment definitely influences gaining weight over time.


Which method is best for "permanent" weight loss?


Does it mean that we will never experience weight loss?

The thought that you will never lose weight is horrible, like hearing the news of your life sentence. But, do not worry; we will turn this sense of horror into hope and motivation in the following.

So far, it was concluded that weight loss is an anti-survival measure.

The humans҆ body has evolved and learned over the years to store fat for its survival. When you want to burn these fats by force, you are actually fighting with nature and guess who will win this fight?

Despite spending billions of dollars on weight loss drugs and diet programs, humans can not ignore their basic biological reality, and as long as they weigh less than their original weight, their body tries to return to this weight.

Therefore, bad news is that you cannot fight with survival mechanism, and good news is that you no longer have to blame yourself for being overweight because you are not to blame.

You may ask , What if we make our body to work on its own and burn fat as a result of its own free will? This is a smart question and requires a much smarter solution.

As mentioned earlier, RMR determines how many calories the body burns at rest. Thus, if we manipulate the body in such a way that it commands itself to speed up its RMR, in fact, we have made it possible for the body to burn more calories at rest without observing any diet, exercise, and hard work. Therefore, in addition to burning the stored fat, whatever we eat turns into energy or is excreted like slim people.


metabolism booster smoothie





There is always a weight that a person’s body maintains it without any effort, called as weight set point. However, this weight can change over the years, which may be due to age-related effects. There is a weight at any stage of life that can be easily maintained and the body fights to maintain it. Accordingly, finding a solution to neutralize these mechanisms has been the goal of our research team for years, and now we have managed to find a solution in order to trick and force the body to increase metabolism and keep leptin levels high.

How can we have a metabolism like the ectomorphs?

Ectomorphs are the skinny people who are always eating and seem to be getting thinner day by day.

Humans are divided into three categories based on their body type including ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph.



Ectomorphs have a very high metabolism and their biggest concern, which you may find funny, is gaining weight. Gaining weight is the hardest job in the world for these people.

Mesomorphs have moderate metabolism. They usually have a fit and muscular body and it is easy for them to gain and lose weight.

Endomorphs usually have large limbs and their slow metabolism makes them to be sedentary. Their body is prone to fat production and they always have problems with their weight and it is very difficult for them to lose weight.

If you think that this paper has been interesting so far, and so, you have read it up to here, you are most likely to be an endomorph or a mesomorph.




The main reason that makes all these differences in the bodies of ectomorphs, mesomorphs, and endomorphs is nothing but metabolic rate!


Which internal organ in the body is responsible for controlling metabolism?


How can we manipulate the metabolic rate?

The thyroid gland is responsible for regulating metabolism in the body.

It is located in front of the neck. This gland produces two hormones called as thyroxine (t4) and triiodothyronine (t3), which are secreted into the bloodstream.



Thyroxine or t4 contains 4 iodine atoms.

Triiodothyronine or t3 consists of 3 iodine atoms.

T4 is converted into t3 in cells and tissues of the body. The t3 influences metabolism of the body’s cells. In other words, it regulates the speed at which the cells work.

If t3 is downregulated, the speed at which the cells and organs work slows down. For example, heart rate and lungs҆ activity become slower than normal, and bowel function is reduced, sometimes leading to constipation.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism diagnosed in a person can include feeling fatigued, cold, having the decreased concentration, depression, and gaining weight.

Research has shown that thyroid is slightly less active in overweight people, even if they do not have severe hypothyroidism.







The problem with diets is that they lead to downregulation of t4 and t3 hormones, and this catastrophe means that the person has to be careful about eating and doing exercise for the rest of his life, otherwise he/she will be terribly overweight.

The only smart solution to lose weight comfortably and permanently is increasing thyroid function.

According to the physicians, the most common solution to increase thyroid function is prescribing levothyroxine tablets. However, this drug has two major problems; firstly, it must be used for the rest of your life, and as soon as you stop taking the drug, your thyroid becomes less active (in some cases, it even becomes less active than before).



Secondly, it has many side effects as complained by consumers usually.

If a person takes a high dose of levothyroxine, it usually causes weight loss.


However, taking a high dose of this drug has far more side effects and the person would return to his/her previous weight as soon as this drug is discontinued.


Quiz : Challenge Yourself

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Is Your Metabolism Slow?
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Metabolism miracle program can be useful for you
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How to boost metabolism permanently? The Metabolismer team has discovered this

Metabolismer team, after 2 years of research and performing various experiments on several volunteers, succeeded in discovering a low-risk, non-chemical method that would significantly increase natural thyroid activity by following simple instruction throughout the day, as a result of which, at least 420 – 1640 more calories will be burned daily without observing any exercise and diet.

The instruction was tested on 60 volunteers within 2 months and the results were amazing.


Participants in the experiment aged between 17 – 60 years old. They underwent blood sampling, and they were weighed and asked some questions and then, their answers were recorded as soon as the experiment was started.

Although, the results of this experiment were predictable for us, we were surprised by the final outcomes.

One week after following the instruction, all the participants at least lost between 62 – 320 grams per day. Calorie intake of the participants was reduced due to ghrelin upregulation, which reduced their appetite and thus, decreased the amount of calories entering their body, but their calorie burn rate was increased.

All the participants consumed between 420 – 1640 calories one month after the experiment compared to the baseline, which their weight loss can be attributed to higher number of calories burnt considering the decrease in calorie intake.

Another interesting fact was that their blood sugar, insulin, and lipid levels reached a balance after a month, and some of them stopped taking their diabetes- and cholesterol-related medications after consultation with their physician.

Also, an improvement in sleep quality, significant reduction in depression symptoms, and the desire for more mobility were other outcomes reported and recorded by the participants (volunteers).


People’s RMR was measured daily, and it was increased by 2.3 – 6.2% on day 30.

This period was repeated by participation of the volunteers for another month, and their metabolism rate was increased by 1.7% on average at the end of the second month compared to the first month, and their weight loss became faster.

Simply put, when the calories receiving from daily meals do not meet the body’s metabolism, the body automatically goes to the adipose tissue stored in the body and converts and burns these fats into energy. Therefore, participants in the experiment experienced weight loss and the number of the burned calories was increased every day.

In this regard, we have been able to develop an instruction that shows how to boost metabolism of the people without having side effects of chemical drugs.

After many trials and errors and ensuring effectiveness of this method, it was presented as an instructional video for all the people who are struggling with overweight.

How to boost metabolism? The answer is: the metabolism miracle program

After 2 years of research and experimentation on 60 volunteers, our research team on human bodys҆ metabolism finally discovered a new method that increased resting metabolic rate (RMR) of volunteers to 6.2% by following a simple instruction daily. The participants in our study could have permanent weight loss between 62 – 320 grams a day.

This interesting instruction does not include following any special diet or exercise, and you can do it while eating your daily meals and even burn fat at rest.

This method focuses on increasing function of your thyroid gland. We teach you how to make your body to burn everything you eat and everything you have stored.

Weight loss is an anti-survival measure.

The humans҆ body has evolved and learned over the years to store fat for its survival. When you want to burn these fats by force, you are actually fighting with nature.

Do you think that you have a chance to win this fight?
Of course not!

If you can overcome the nature, you will reach your desired body after observing all these diets.

How to boost metabolism with the help of science ?

Everyone has a weight set point in his body.

This means that the body automatically and without your intervention makes every effort to keep your weight at that point.

When you force your body to lower its weight below this set point, as soon as you stop trying, your body stubbornly tries to bring its weight back to the set point.

As explained earlier, your metabolism slows down after following any kind of diet.

This means that if you want to keep your weight constant after dieting, you should always be on a diet and do exercise.

Because, your metabolism has remained lower than the pre-dieting period, you should constantly try to maintain your weight.

The difference between you and lean people who do not gain weight no matter what they eat, is nothing just a different metabolic rate.

The higher the metabolic rate, the more daily calories are burned by the body and the fewer amount of them is stored as fat.

Interestingly, the maximum difference between metabolic rate of lean people (ectomorphs) with overweight people (endomorphs) is equal to 4.5%.

But, this small number causes a difference by tens of pounds of weight.

The humans҆ body has a weight set point. If you try to bring your body weight to more or less than this set point, the body does its best to reach this set point again.

The only solution to lose weight permanently is understand how to boost metabolism.

The difference in metabolism between ectomorphic and endomorphic body types is only 4.5%
There are various ineffective myths (false beliefs) regarding metabolism: For example, can you increase your metabolic rate using the following foods?

• Pepper
• Cocoa

Until 2020, there was no safe method to increase your metabolic rate.

But, after 2 years of extensive research and spending 230,000 dollars on our research, a safe and secure method was discovered to answer this question: How to boost metabolism! called as the “Metabolism Miracle Program“.

Tens of thousands of people have used this program in the world so far.

How does the “Metabolism Miracle Program” influence your metabolism؟

Various people react differently to this method.

The “Metabolism Miracle Program” will influence your body’s metabolic rate similar to taking 0.5 – 1.5 mcg/kg doses of levothyroxine tablets depending on your genetics and body structure. However, it does not have side effects of levothyroxine.

Levothyroxine is the most popular hypothyroid drug that increases RMR by 4%.

The “Metabolism Miracle Program” increases your RMR by 2.3 – 6.2 % in the first month.

In the second month, average increase in RMR of the volunteers was 1.7% higher than the first month.
{The discovered method increases metabolic rate up to 6.2%, which is equivalent to 1.5 mcg/kg dose of levothyroxine tablets}

Volunteers’ body chemistry at the beginning of the “Metabolism Miracle Program” and one month later:


does eating breakfast boost metabolism




Metabolism Miracle Program

Thyroid panel




0.4-5.5 IU/mL

Under 1 (µIU/​L)


2.3-2.4 pg/mL

3 – 2/4 pg/mL



1.5 – 2

Reverse T3

90-350 pg/mL

120< pg/mL

Lipid panel




150-200 mg/dL

165-185 mg/dL


<150 mg/dL

75-100 mg/dL

High-density lipoprotein(HDL) (good cholesterol)

>46 mg/dL

70 mg> per dl

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) (bad cholesterol)

<130 mg/dL

100mg < per dl

Sugar panel



Hemoglobin A1C

< 6


Fasting blood sugar

65-99 mg/dL

75-85 mg/dL

Secondary hormones




5 -23 mcg/dL

8-14 mcg/dL



10 – 12

How was the “Metabolism Miracle Program” designed?

Volunteers of the experiment, who aged between 17 – 60 years old went to a hospital every morning with an empty stomach and underwent blood sampling.

Their weight was recorded daily, and their blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate were also measured and recorded.

In the pictures provided below the chart, change in average weight of group members is presented with respect to their sex:
(The study was designed and the results were expressed based on pounds.)

how to increase metabolism chart

  • MEN  
  • Women


In the pictures below, average intake of extra daily calories is indicated by sex:

burn calories

  • MEN  
  • Women


Also, average changes in the participants’ metabolism rate are expressed within a month based on their sex:

increase metabolic rate

  • MEN  
  • Women

As shown in the charts above, metabolic rate is increased over time.

At the end of the first month, amount of weight loss was recorded (this method does not yield the same result for everyone due to genetics of different people).

The lowest and highest weight loss after 30 days was equal to 5.2 (2.2 kg) and 22.2 pounds (10.1 kg), respectively.
After ensuring about efficacy of this method, it was presented as a simple instruction in the form of a video thus, you can buy it now, download it immediately, and start permanent weight loss.

In this video, we have taught you what you need to know how to boost metabolism, without describing extra and complex details.

{In our experiment, 60 volunteers were studied for 30 days and their physical condition was recorded every day}.
Our program helped these people to increase their calorie intake to 1,640 calories by the end of the 30-day period without observing any diet and exercise, and to have a permanent weight loss of up to 22.2 pounds.

What is content of the “Metabolism Miracle” package?

• An instructional 45-min video
•In which, an explanation has been provided about what you need to do in a simple language.
• A special vegetable oil has been introduced that should be rubbed to your thyroid every night to increase its function.
• Vitamins greatly increasing your metabolism have been recommended along with their dosage.
• A special salt increasing t3 secretion and thyroid activity has been presented.
• Two special and safe supplements speeding up your metabolism and fat burning have been proposed.
• A plant seed increasing metabolic rate has been introduced.
• Oil of a special fruit whose consumption makes the thyroid more hyperactive has been suggested.
•An explanation has been provided about how to use Sujok therapy to increase metabolism and reduce hunger.
•It has been explained that how to make a herbal tea as an alternative to coffee greatly increasing metabolism.
• Important and small points that you should follow while eating have been expressed to increase your metabolism.
• A list of foods slowing down metabolism has been provided and their alternatives have been introduced.
• Calorie consumption will be increased between 410 – 1,640 calories per day.

Participate in the “Metabolism Quarantine Challenge” after receiving the “Metabolism Miracle Instruction”:

The 30-Day Quarantine Weight Loss Challenge with the Help of “Metabolism Miracle Program” by Twins:

Benefits of losing weight using this method are as follows:

• Your daily energy is increased.
• You feel less tired and depressed.
• Your cholesterol level is lower.
• Your triglyceride level is lower.
•Your cortisol levels drop.
• Your blood pressure is regulated.
• Your blood sugar is balanced.
• Quality of your sleep is increased.
• Your appetite is regulated.
•Menstrual cycle is regulated in women.
•Testosterone level is increased in men up to 30%.

If after following the instruction for one month, your metabolic rate was not increased by at least 2.3% and you did not lose 2.5 kg of your weight, your money will be refunded and you will not be asked any questions.


metabolism miracle


If you are wondering how to lose weight even while resting and sleeping, send your email address in the box below so that, the link to “the Instruction regarding Miracle of Metabolism” will be sent to you immediately:



metabolism smoothie


1.How can we have a metabolism like the ectomorphs?

Ectomorphs are the skinny people who are always eating and seem to be getting thinner day by day.

2.How was the “Metabolism Miracle Program” designed?

Volunteers of the experiment, who aged between 17 – 60 years old went to a hospital every morning with an empty stomach and underwent blood sampling.

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