How does eating breakfast increase metabolism?

How does eating breakfast increase metabolism?

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Have you ever heard of the capability of eating breakfast in increase metabolism? 

Do you want to know what foods to eat as breakfast to help you burn more calories? 

It seems logical that eating certain foods in the morning can increase the body’s metabolism during the day’s rest. Still, researchers who have previously studied the importance of eating breakfast in the morning to lose weight were not firmly agreed with this theory.

If you are also trying to lose weight, try to get accurate information on eating food in the morning to accelerate the process of your weight loss.

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The importance of breakfast in weight loss

Do you have to eat breakfast to increase metabolism and to lose weight?

According to the researchers, this is not the case necessarily. There is no specific scientific reason for the relationship between eating breakfast and increasing metabolism, and no study has previously shown that eating breakfast can increase metabolism.

When members of the American Dietetic Association discussed the importance of breakfast, they have reviewed the available studies on the number of meals per day and weight loss. They have concluded that studying eating habits is so tricky; no study up to now has proved that eating this meal – or any other particular meal – can increase metabolism. They found no data to show that what we eat during the day can affect calorie burning.

According to the International Association of Sports Nutrition statement, increasing the number of meals causes a negligible effect on increasing diet thermogenesis, total energy usage, or resting metabolism. This statement means that eating regular meals does not directly affect the number of calories burned during the day.

What do nutritionists think about the relationship between eating breakfast and increase metabolism?

Herein, you may be tempted to ignore some scientific reasons, so think how you want to and say that it is logical that eating breakfast can increase your metabolism. Of course, it is true that eating a healthy breakfast can be very beneficial for health status and is highly suggested by nutritionists as well. Still, if you want to lose weight, you should seek help from experts in this field to tell you that eating what kind of breakfast can be effective on your weight loss process.

Jill Weisenberger, Nutrition and Diabetes Assistant, MS.R.D., and CDE, explained that many people do not understand the advantages of eating breakfast altogether.

“Eating breakfast, as the general public believes, does not affect the body’s metabolism. Moreover, many studies have encouraged people to eat breakfast to control and manage their weight, but none of them provide any information on increasing metabolism. Accordingly, the statement added that although there is a strong emphasis on eating breakfast confirming that people eating breakfast were underweight or balanced, there was no report of an increase in metabolism.

Should you eat breakfast to lose weight?

If you, too, have changed your diet to lose weight, but you are still confused about how to increase your body’s metabolism to lose weight, do not worry about that. For example, if there is no reason why eating breakfast does not increase metabolism, it still cannot be skipped. This can be because there are so many advantages to eating a healthy breakfast and regular meals throughout the day.

Due to this reason, it is so important to eat breakfast seriously if you want to lose weight. Breakfast is a meal during the day, but what is very important is that you should get your total daily calories through three meals in the morning, at noon, and at night, and if you skip your breakfast meal, this order will be disrupted.

However, if you are one of those believing that eating breakfast increases metabolism, here are some kinds of breakfasts that would have a positive effect on metabolism:

The best breakfasts to boost metabolism

Avena sativa with fruits and nuts

Nutritionists believe that a complete and nutritious breakfast could reduce the body’s desire to eat till lunchtime. One of these healthy breakfasts that will make you feel full is a combination of Avena sativa, fruits, and nuts.

For this breakfast, cook Avena sativa with some milk and then put the pieces of fruit and nuts on it. This breakfast is a very balanced meal that includes whole grains, protein, vitamins, and healthy fats.

Moreover, Avena sativa is rich in carbohydrates and fiber, making you feel full for a longer time. Milk and nuts provide healthy proteins and fats for the body, and fruits are a rich source of vitamins. 

Two bananas and two handfuls of almonds, or two avocados

If you do not have enough time for breakfast, never stop eating it and try one of the following suggestions for your breakfast. Eating breakfast plays a significant role in keeping mental focus both at work and school, and it could also reduce the likelihood of eating unhealthy foods.

Two bananas and two handfuls of almonds make the body feel good, and you can quickly eat this breakfast on the way to work or to your school. As well, two avocados are another great suggestion for breakfast.

High fiber fruit

The consumption of fiber-rich fruits also is a valuable and practical breakfast to increase the body’s metabolism. In this regard, fruits such as strawberries, Cornus mas, raspberries, apples, and figs are the best choices. These fruits also contain good natural sugar content and could consequently regulate blood sugar levels in the body. 

Greek yogurt, milk, and fruit

Another very convenient and helpful breakfast option is a combination of yogurt and milk with various fruits. This breakfast contains healthy proteins and fats that are good for the body, and eating them at early times in the morning will give you good energy. 

Eating this breakfast helps to increase the body’s metabolism and to reach your ideal weight faster.


The egg is a rich source of vitamins and healthy fats, handy for building muscle and maintaining the function of the immune system, so it is known as the best breakfast.

This healthy breakfast is slow to digest and prevents overeating. Note that protein plays a significant role in building fitness and preventing the contraction of muscles; therefore, it should not be excluded from the diet.

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