Do I have a high Metabolism?

Do I have a high Metabolism?

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You may know that regulating your metabolism is very important! Now, if for any reason, the metabolism is disturbed or high or low, metabolism is seen due to irrational reasons; We often encounter weight loss or weight gain. Therefore, being familiar with the symptoms of high metabolism will help you better realize the problem in the body and in a shorter time and then look for a solution.

But what is Metabolism? Have you ever wondered why metabolism is so essential and why regulation is dangerous? Metabolism is a chemical process!

To provide a proper function in maintaining a stable body temperature, energy, and weight, the body must adhere to an utterly chemical process. How much do you know about the thyroid gland? This gland, located in the neck, has the most crucial function to secrete related hormones to regulate metabolism. The regulation of total body temperature can be considered only a small part of the metabolism’s function. In this regard, other examples include lipid metabolism, controlling the body’s position while fat production.

Instead of discussing the function of metabolism, let’s turn back to the article’s main topic! What are the symptoms of high metabolism? In the following, a complete explanation is provided.

High metabolism and its symptoms

In this section, some of the most important symptoms of high metabolism are described. Of course, you have to be careful; some of these symptoms can be seen in people, but others are not visible and will only be identified by performing a blood test. However, knowing them is not without grace!


You have probably heard a lot about body mass index or BMI. A person with a high metabolism mostly has a lower BMI than other people in height, body type, and age.

* Basal body temperature above normal

One of the most characteristic symptoms of high metabolism is a hot body. In such a case, the person constantly feels high temperature. They are sweating regularly, and their basal body temperature is relatively high. This condition often occurs when the body continuously responds to metabolic reactions in a rapid manner.

* Increased hunger

Have you ever felt starving? When you still feel hungry after eating 3 to 4 large meals, know that your metabolism has increased.

* Irregular menstruation

The majority of girls who reach puberty experience menstrual problems. They usually do not have enough body fat at an early age, which as a result, changes their menstrual cycle. Some of them may seem to be too energetic and thin before and even after their menstruation!

Of course, other secondary symptoms indicate a high metabolism in the body, including

Frequent defecation

• High-speed heart rate

Fatigue, dizziness, and excessive sweating

• Hand tremors, difficulty in sleeping, and frequent mood swings

A sign of high metabolism

High levels of metabolism increase the body’s need for some nutrients such as food and oxygen to continue functioning. Whether the body’s metabolic rate is high or low, metabolism tasks are still constant. Accordingly, these functions are to maintain a constant body temperature and produce fat and carbohydrates. Therefore, when a person has a low metabolism, his body temperature is lower than those with a high metabolism. Moreover, people with high metabolism will lose weight more quickly when it comes to weight loss and related issues.

Do you think you have a high metabolism?

This topic is not a secret to people. Some factors such as diet, sleep, stress, and even genetic issues can easily affect metabolism in different people. On the other hand, some diseases could also affect metabolism. Have you ever heard about Graves’ disease? This disease is one of the leading causes of hyperthyroidism. Correspondingly, Hashimoto’s disease is known as the leading cause of hypothyroidism. These diseases consequently affect the production of thyroid hormones and make people believe that they need to see a specialist in this regard.

In such cases, a specialist will prescribe a blood test at first to check the level of thyroid hormone, i.e., thyroid, thyroid, and thyroxine levels in the blood. If the stories of these hormones are unbalanced, treatment begins.


Based on previous research, the metabolism amount in 96% of people is about 200 to 300 kcal. This metabolism determines how much energy is used in your body and how much is wasted. Note that the number of calories you burn per day will include the number of calories burned by some activities such as exercise, walking, etc., as well as the number of calories you will burn during sleep or the amount you burn throughout the day. You are in bed.

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