Who we are

We are a small team but consisting of various experts.
In 2018, the metabolismer team consisted of 2 nutritionists.

The main goal of the team was to find a permanent solution to increase thyroid function and metabolism.
We tried different methods and spent a lot of money, but we failed until we got closer to the goal. After a year of trying, when we were disappointed, we met three other experts who had a similar intellectual approach to us. They had research in this field, so we decided to start our experiments with a bigger budget this time.
In the initial tests we had on the candidates, we came close to a definite result several times, but it seemed that our method did not have a puzzle. But we did not give up.
Finally, after a year of research and effort, we were able to devise a program that would increase volunteer metabolism by a maximum of 6.2 percent without the use of high-risk drugs.
We chose the name of the program we invented, The Miracle of Metabolism.
The Miracle of Metabolism program can now be downloaded as a 40-minute video.

Our Team:

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