How To Use Green Tea To Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight

How To Use Green Tea To Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight

By Metabolismer

How To Use green tea metabolism and Lose Weight

Hi, it’s Dr. Sam Robbins. Made a quick presentation for you on how you can best utilize green tea extract for increasing your metabolism and losing weight. And ultimately, I’ll discuss if the ingredient even works, how it works, Is it safe? And also review some facts, myths, and important health warnings about it.

And honestly, one of the biggest reasons I’m even doing this is because we get emails about these ingredients and do they work every single week.

And there’s obviously a lot of misinformation on the Internet these days. So my goal is to help reduce your confusion and help give you some clarity.

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what exactly is green tea?

How effective is it for losing weight and increasing your metabolism?

Now, green tea, if you haven’t heard by now, is an amazing herb. You know, I love it. Now it has numerous, numerous benefits and just too many for me to discuss. But, one of the major benefits is obviously weight loss.

It’s also great for you to know they’ve listed cancer prevention, antioxidant cognitive enhancement, a general sense of well-being, and increasing your metabolism.

But the most important fact about it is you want to make sure that the green tea is in the extracted form containing specific amounts of the key ingredient called e, g, c, g, And I’ll discuss more of this in a minute, but this is the most important fact when purchasing or utilizing any green tea extract. Now, when it comes to increasing weight loss in your metabolism, it works twofold.

It first increases your metabolism and speeds it up. Therefore, weight loss becomes easier but doesn’t affect the heart rate.

So it’s good for anyone who has blood pressure or heart problems. And another benefit is that it regulates your glucose and your blood sugar levels.

Right. It helps lower your blood sugar levels and the lower your blood sugar levels, the less insulin, and the less insulin, the less food is converted to fat.

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Depriving yourself excessively has disadvantages that make the exercise counterproductive. First, depriving your body of food increases the risk of overeating at your next meal or of giving in to a craving. Also, when the body is subjected to food deprivation, its reflex is then to store reserves. The result is that, instead of losing weight, you may gain some. Eat until you are satisfied, have smaller portions and healthy snacks.

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To lose weight, you must reduce your calorie intake and increase physical activity. If you stuff yourself with dessert after every meal, you won’t have enough time in a day to burn off all of the calories you have accumulated. Aim for balance: exercise regularly, eat better and have smaller portions, but be sure to eat until you are satisfied. This is a strategy that will bring you favourable results.

Drinking plenty of water
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Water in itself does not have weight loss properties. However, it contains zero calories, so if you replace your usual drinks which do contain calories (milk, soft drinks, juice, etc.), you reduce your daily calorie intake. For some individuals, it has the effect of suppressing hunger. Drinking water also has a number of other benefits on health.

weight gain
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Alcoholic beverages usually contain a lot of calories and consuming them in large quantities can contribute to weight gain. For example, 12 ounces of regular beer can contain about 140 calories on average. A 150-ml glass of white wine contains about 120 calories. Some cocktails, such as a daiquiri or pina colada with white rum can contain up to 450 calories for a 250-ml glass. Admittedly, this warrants some thought… as well as moderation!

Eating fibre
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Foods rich in fibre, such as fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grain cereal, etc. are usually more nutritional and contain fewer calories. Dietary fibre slows digestion and reduces the sensation of hunger. Therefore, individuals who add more dietary fibre to their diet find it easier to lose weight. It should be noted that fibre has a number of other benefits on health.

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In fact, nothing could be less true. Fasting has no benefits on health. It can have harmful effects such as fatigue, dizziness, nausea or cause blood pressure to drop. Moreover, this is not a strategy that has been proven effective for weight loss in the medium or long-term.

chronic illnesses
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A number of studies have in fact shown a link between being overweight or obese and developing certain diseases. This is the case, among others, for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and certain types of cancers. Therefore, losing weight contributes to living a longer and healthier life.

Losing weight
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No, losing weight is far from being easy every day. It often requires challenging ourselves, lifestyle changes, effort, hard work and motivation. If you make time for yourself and establish an action plan, there’s no doubt that you will be able to achieve your objective for a healthy weight. Surrounding yourself with competent healthcare professionals may prove to be useful.

What effect does green tea extract have on the body?

So this is another very important factor about green tea extract. And finally, one other benefit that most people don’t know about is green tea extract helps alkalis your body, and by alkalis, when you’re stressed, your body becomes acidic and stress increases cortisol levels, cortisol levels increase body fat, especially around the stomach and belly.

So taking certain herbs, and some natural grains such as green tea extracts help helps alkalis your body reduces stress hormones, and cortisol reduces acidity.

But the one thing you want to make sure about when it comes to green tea extract is you want to make sure that it’s decaffeinated and that it’s organic.

You don’t want caffeine because the caffeine in itself increases cortisol levels. So you want to decaffeinate green tea extract and you want to make sure it’s organic.

We don’t want any pesticides in your system. And of course, you want to make sure that you utilize only the pure extract, that 90% extract, 98% extract, and it contains at least 45% each, which is the active component that does all the great benefits.

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What is the best way to consume green tea?

Now the next question I get is, all right, so what’s the best solution? And I honestly can’t tell you what’s the best solution for weight loss or any best ingredient, mainly because I don’t believe any one single ingredient, whether it’s green tea extract or something else, will work for every single person, let alone all the time, forever.

And obviously, just as you don’t only eat broccoli or only one kind of vegetable for great health, you can’t take only one herb or nutritional ingredient. So it’s best to combine green tea with other key ingredients that not only help increase your metabolism, they help reduce your appetite.


green tea metabolism


They increase your thyroid production and help increase weight loss. And I’ll list a couple of great ingredients that you can utilize. And one of them for actually three of them for reducing your appetite.

One of them is called a sachet regular hoodia extract and five  things for increasing your metabolism adventures seven Keto l Tyrosine, Ethyl ester, and Google steroids, Things that reduce your blood sugar and insulin levels, which is very important for weight loss, is alpha lipoic acid, chromium, Pasolini, cinnamon extract.

And of course, we spoke about realizing your system or reducing cortisol levels in addition to green tea extract chlorophyll.

It’s a great, great ingredient. Now when you combine these ingredients together, you get a fantastic synergy combination that helps accelerate weight loss, increases your metabolism, makes you feel look younger, and makes life a lot easier when you’re trying to lose weight.

Now, the biggest problem my people run into is, well, I don’t want to take so many different ingredients, so many different pills.

Not only is it inconvenient, but it’s also going to get very expensive. So are there any products that contain these ingredients? There are a couple of really good products.

The one product that I’ve been using that I recommend and that a lot of my client’s patients have been using for years is called Lean Optimizer.

This was about green tea metabolism, if you are looking for a stronger and permanent method to increase metabolism, I recommend not missing the metabolism miracle program.

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