The Metabolism Diet Plan: Lower Your Setpoint with Food

The Metabolism Diet Plan: Lower Your Setpoint with Food

By Metabolismer

In this course, we’re going to talk about how to lose weight fast, the healthy way. And I say this with a bit of regret because probably one of my least favorite claims of any weight loss program is losing weight fast.
I think this is how you can lose weight the most rapidly using our program. And I think the most important caveat is that it is the healthy way. And I think if you’re looking for a quick trick or tip or some easy way to lose weight without making a lot of changes, you are in the wrong place.

I am not going to sell you any shakes or powders or any magical potions that will somehow allow you to drop the pounds and find the weight loss success that you’ve been searching for the last decade or more.

I don’t have those tricks, and that’s because they don’t exist. What I can offer you is an exceptionally simple, straightforward, and program that’s very rich in common sense and spells things out realistically.
So at least you have an honest opinion about what it takes to lose weight and what will be necessary for you to succeed.

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the way that I work with patients in my office who want to lose weight quickly is to place them on what we call a metabolism diet plan.

And this is in my book, A Pound of Cure And in this entire course, essentially, we’re going to go over pretty much everything that’s mentioned in the book. So if you don’t want to read the book, you can read this entire course and really get, I’d say 90 to 95% of all the information that’s present in the book.

So there’s a lot of information in these article. But the metabolism diet plan, which we’ve kind of spelled out here in this handout, which is available in some of the articles to come as a link explains how to get started on this program quickly, easily, without knowing every last detail.

Problems caused by gastric surgery

Now, in essence, this diet and the whole program, but specifically our metabolism diet plan comes from my experience watching patients after weight loss surgery and observing the changes in their taste buds and in their food preferences that occur.

And weight loss surgery is the best single example we have of a set-point lowering treatment. So again, if you’re a five foot four woman and you weigh 250 pounds and we do weight loss surgery on you, your brain will magically jump to, say, 160 pounds.

So you wake up from surgery and literally within hours to days your brain says, Whoa, what’s going on here? I should be 160 pounds. I should not be 250 pounds.

So it looks at your current body weight of 250 pounds and says, I’m way on this overfed side of my metabolic thermostat. And because of that, it makes all of these changes to decrease your hunger and increase your metabolism.

Have you done gastric sleeve surgery?

Essentially, there is no moment in time when an individual’s body is working more to try to change their behaviors and their thoughts about food that will drive weight loss than they are right after surgery.

So after surgery, there are these magical hormonal shifts that are happening that change your desire for food, that change your thoughts about food.

And if you have any doubts about this, talk to someone who’s had weight loss surgery, specifically a gastric bypass.

That’s the best example, but with a sleeve gastrectomy, ask them about their first months following surgery. Did they have any hunger? What were the types of foods that they craved and thought about patients?

Talk to me after surgery about fruit. Fruit is what they dream about. Fruit is all they want to eat. The refined sugar is too sweet. It doesn’t appeal to them, but fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans, are the foods that are comfortable that they want and that taste delicious.

So as I was listening to patients in the months following surgery and recognizing the role that these hormonal shifts were playing in driving weight loss, I developed my program. And what it turns out is that eating a predominantly plant-based diet now not eliminating meat, but that’s not really what patients immediately after surgery crave and desire.

But eating these foods that we use, that we use on the metabolism diet plan are what your body chooses to eat when it’s trying to lose weight. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned being a doctor over the last 15 years, it’s that the human body, human physiology knows better than any of us.

the most important thing that we can do as doctors are really to support someone’s physiology rather than try to take over it because we’re just not that good.

Which internal organ in the body is responsible for controlling metabolism?

The human body is still an amazingly efficient machine that is able to heal itself and to make cause changes toward health that are far greater than anything we have. Can implement through either surgery or medication.

this whole program is founded on the concept that after surgery you crave specific foods as your body pushes you to lose weight. And it’s these foods that we should eat if we want to lose weight without going through surgery.

metabolism diet plan


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What should we observe in this plan?

So a metabolism diet plan really does also act as a detox plan. There’s a lot of addiction that we have to process foods that are out there and getting yourself on the metabolism diet plan, feeding yourself as many healthy calories as you can, and eliminating the processed stuff can help you break these addictions.

Now, it’s not going to happen overnight, but after a month or so on this, you’re craving for processed food is going to decrease significantly and your ability to control your hunger is going to increase.

So that change alone really makes losing weight so much easier when you don’t have these constant addictive thoughts saying that you should be eating something that is really not in your health’s best interest.

I challenge everybody to try to follow it perfectly for a few weeks so that they can achieve freedom from these food addictions.

But the first few days can be difficult and you can have some listlessness and some decreased energy and even some headaches.

And to some degree, those first few days you just got to ride it out. But by the end of a week or so, typically you’ll have a lot more energy and be feeling much better and you’ll start seeing a lot of weight loss.

So this really is a program that’s going to cause rapid weight loss but make you healthier in the process. And that’s compared to some type of very severely calorie-restricted diet.

We’re eating six or 800 calories a day. Yeah, you’re losing weight rapidly, but you’re going into this kind of weird ketogenic state, which is a backup for our general healthy metabolism that kicks into play when we don’t have readily available ready access to a balanced diet.

And in general, we’re just not going to feel as good and it’s not as healthy of an eating program as you can get when you’re following the pound of cure, metabolic reset diet.

So a final couple of key points before we dive into the crux of the course. If you’re hungry on this on this program, you’re doing it wrong.

And the idea of mastering your hunger or somehow learning to control or repress your hunger, that’s a foolish notion and one that should be abandoned.

We have to eat healthy food when we feel hungry, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of being hungry. Human beings all get hungry and we all need to eat.

This requires practice. This is not something you’re going to going to kind of get started on. And in the first few days, all of a sudden have mastery of there are different ingredients, different recipes, different cooking styles, even different cooking utensils, and gadgets if you will, that you need to do to have access to if you’re going to follow this program in the most effective way.

And finally, you should still be eating delicious food if you find yourself sitting there staring at your plate and feeling like it’s pretty miserable, it’s time to branch out. It’s time to explore new recipes because you can eat, eat wonderfully on this, on the

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