Reasons for low metabolism

Reasons for low metabolism

By Metabolismer

I am a nutritionist. Today, I’m going to introduce you 13 factors where your metabolism is low and prevents you from losing weight.

I’ll tell you the solution for each of these 13 factors that I have introduced so that you can find the reason and fix it.



First we need to understand that with age:

the secretion of growth hormone decreases, which in normal conditions and keeps the metabolism of our body high.

When the secretion of growth hormone in your body decreases, it can cause the metabolism of the body to remain low and in the same way you gain weight.


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What can be done now? An elderly might say, well, I can’t control my body anymore, and as soon as my growth hormone secretion has increased, I cannot reduce my age; but people can increase the secretion of growth hormone in their body. The question is how?

The first and most powerful factor is the fasting diet which increases the growth hormone.

The second factor that increases growth hormone is exercise:

Relatively intense and continuous exercises can trigger the secretion of growth hormone, and the more growth hormone is in your body, the higher your body’s metabolism, which make more fat to burn.

Factor three that can cause a decrease in metabolism is menopause:

With the onset of menopause and approaching menopause, the secretion of cortisol which is secreted from the adrenal glands increases. In this article, we talk in detail about cortisol and why it lowers metabolism and encourages weight gain.

So keep this in mind that menopause causes an increase in the secretion of cortisol, which reduces the body’s metabolism.




Factor four is pregnancy history:

Pregnancy can also decrease metabolism in the body because it increases and decreases estrogen levels in the pregnant woman.

Lack of constant balance in estrogen levels can slow down metabolism.

Factor five that loosens up metabolism is intermittent dieting and diet skipping especially the low-calorie diets:

A low-calorie diet makes your body used to lowering its metabolism, which means that your body’s resistance to low-calorie intake causes it to slow metabolism for better adaptation.

If this caloric intake is not permanent and stable and you go on a diet, stop it for a while and go on a diet again to break up resistance to burn calories.

These days, there are so many unprincipled low-calorie diets that are not based on the realities of a personal physiology.

There are many copy-paste diets that are offered to people with much fuss. These can reduce metabolism because they stress on narrowing the calories channel.

These diets do not reduce calorie intake and don’t have any positive result either, because the body rations the calory to stay up. this tires the dieters and they give up on such diets forever only to remain overweight.

In their journey to lose weight, they have already lost a lot of water in their body while they metabolism is still low.

In the following diets they should consume less calories to be able to match his low metabolism, as a low-calorie diet can cause a decrease in metabolism.

Here is my advice to these people. They should stay on a low-calorie diet or during the period of low-calorie diet treatment, they should use foods that have a lower calorie density and a higher nutrient density.



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Factor six that can keep the body’s metabolism low is consuming high carbohydrate diets:

Consuming a lot of carbohydrates means an increase in blood insulin; that is, people who eat a lot of carbohydrates always have a high level of insulin in their blood, and what happens when the level of blood insulin is always and constantly high? Your body is resistant to insulin, it is resistant to metabolism, it is resistant to receiving nutrients, and all this means that your body’s metabolism has decreased.

Factor seven that can reduce metabolism is chronic stress:

Chronic stress means that your blood sugar level is always high, your blood glucose is always high, your blood insulin is high, all meaning that your blood sugar is not healthy at all, and blood components are unbalanced.

Chronic stress equals reduced metabolism.

Factor eight that is very common and most people are familiar with it is hypothyroidism:

Most people know that hypothyroidism can lower metabolism.
We have different types of hypothyroidism. There is a type of hypothyroidism that occurs due to immune problems in the body, which is called hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s. This type of hypothyroidism may occur due to immune system problems.

If we want to examine this problem of the immune system from two aspects and from the point of view of nutrition, we can examine it from the point of view of the digestive system and also from the point of view of the liver function of the digestive system.

The point is that when the microbes and beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract are unbalanced, it can cause your immune system to function weaker, so by taking probiotics you can strengthen the microbes in your digestive tract and, naturally, your immune system. Do it and you will have a healthier thyroid and your thyroid function will be better.

Reducing the use of antibiotics also has an effect in this case, and if we want to check liver function, we have this in its inactive form, which we call T4, and we have its active form, which we call T3; this T4 should be in your body. It is converted into T3 so that the thyroid function of your body is normal and healthy, and 80% of this happens in your liver. Now suppose that if you have a fatty liver, you have liver problems. These hormones are converted from T4 to T3 correctly. It is not possible and your thyroid function is also affected, so with a healthy digestive system, intestines and stomach, as well as better liver function, you can have a healthier immune system and a healthier thyroid.


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The liver secretes hormones and balances other hormones such as cortisol, estrogen, growth hormone and insulin. The important thing is that these hormones must be balanced in your body to have balanced weight and metabolism. We can see that liver plays an important role in this case.

Factor nine that can reduce metabolism and disrupt the balance of these hormones is fatty liver:

Fatty liver causes problems with your thyroid hormones, and as I said, it causes the secretion of insulin, the growth hormone and cortisol. The formulas that I said are very effective, their higher and unbalanced levels can reduce the function of the seven fat-burning hormones. your body, so you should pay attention to your liver, thyroid and these hormones in your body.

Factor ten that slows metabolism is obesity:

The more you weigh, the lower your metabolism is, because the fatty tissue in your body trigger hormones and compounds that decrease metabolism, and these compounds secreted from the fat tissue of your body are a complex matter in itself.

In fact, none of these factors can have a positive role for you. One of the negative effects it can have on your body is the reduction of metabolism, so obesity and a lot of fatty tissue can cause the body to release hormones and compounds that lower metabolism.

The same vicious cycle repeats itself with increasing weight more and more, you gain more weight, your metabolism decreases, these compounds, which are not desirable at all, are mostly secreted in your body from fat-burning tissue, and this is not a pleasant event.

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Factor eleven that reduces the metabolism is consuming more than the traditional meals:

I mean, three meals a day. But the fasting diets get people to have more meals, which keeps the blood sugar level high constantly. The result is insulin resistance. In other words, more and more insulin is needed to level off the blood sugar.

Factor twelve is constant, excessive consumption of alcohol:

Alcohol contains carbohydrates and can block your body’s fat-burning mechanism; that is, it blocks your body’s ability to burn fat for up to 48 hours, so alcohol consumption can decrease metabolism, and people who consume too much alcohol have low metabolism.

Factor thirteen is infection and inflammation:

If you constantly have an infection and you have a weak immune system and your body is always infected, this can also cause a decrease in metabolism. With an infection, metabolism is kept low and no diet can help lose weight, or if it does, the person will quickly gain weight.
By going to the doctor and having a check-up and blood test, you will find out whether your body has a chronic infection or whether it is prone to an infection.
As factor fourteen in this talk, certain drugs lower metabolism in higher amounts such as steroid drugs, prednisolone, antidepressants and antibiotics, and for losing weight, a specialist should provide proper consultation to avoid side-effects.


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