Top 5 Supplements to Increase Metabolic

Top 5 Supplements to Increase Metabolic

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Metabolic rate is often suppressed by all of our physical problems. People who cannot build a significant muscle mass as well as those with layers of fat that usually seem impossible to go away both blame their high metabolic rate for these problems. But before considering anything else, let’s learn more about metabolism.

When it comes to metabolism, we mean basal metabolic rate (BMR), measuring amount of energy of vital processes required for a person to survive. This amount of energy enables the body to perform its vital processes, such as blood circulation, muscle contraction, food digestion, repair and construction of new cells, and absorption of nutrients.

When you eat, your metabolism speeds up, and when your body lacks food or is in a severe calorie limit, your BMR is decreased and you burn fewer calories. This adaptation is very good for human survival. But, it gets really annoying when it comes to burning fat or building muscle.

When you add the amount of energy needed for BMR to the amount of energy burned by thermal processes of digestion and physical activity, you get the total amount of calories you burn per day.

If you want to permanently increase your body metabolism by 6.2%, then we recommend you the ˝Metabolism Miracle Plan˝.

Five Supplements You Should Consume to Speed up Your Metabolic


Research has shown that this plant can speed up metabolism, increase fat burning, stimulate thyroid function, and boost metabolism. In addition to muscle building and fat burning, forskolin can speed up metabolism by increasing level of an enzyme called as adenylate cyclase.

This enzyme is a precursor to chemical messenger of adenosine 3′,5′-cyclic monophosphate (cAMP), which increases fat burning and secretion of thyroid hormone. This allows you to burn more calories when you are at rest.

Catechin Present in Green Tea

This supplement has been shown to increase calorie burning throughout the body in addition to exercise and other factors in numerous studies. It has been also found to directly target belly fat, improve blood circulation, and reduce inflammation. After consuming this supplement, the results will be better and more effective work out and recovery will be achieved, as well as building more muscle and increased metabolic rate.


This compound is derived from unripe fruits and can mimic the role of epinephrine in the body. It has been proven in several studies to speed up metabolism and fat burning.

Branched- Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

Many people lose a significant portion of their muscle when they burn fat. This can be very frustrating because, this reduction in muscle mass can also lead to a decrease in calorie burning.

In this case, if you are lucky, you only stop burning fat, but sometimes things get worse and your body fat may be more than when you started your exercise plan.

BCAAs can fight catabolism when your body is limited in calories, ensuring that your muscles and metabolism are no longer sacrificed in process of burning fat.


Caffeine is the most popular drug in the world, consumption of which is recommended for good reasons. Caffeine can not only make you start a better day, it can also speed up your metabolism. Caffeine can increase fat consumption by increasing levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Research has shown that consuming caffeine can increase BMR, but over time, if consumed in excess amounts, this effect will be diminished. It should also be noted that the effect of BMR boosting with the use of caffeine is more prominent in people with more fit bodies. Research has shown that obese people are less affected by the increased BMR.

Currently, the best way to boost your metabolism is the ˝Metabolism Miracle Plan˝ developed by the Metabolismer team.

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